We are back and you are safe here!

September 20, 2021

Starting on September 21st, 2021 MINAS and brazilconnection.ca will be part of the Alberta Restriction Exemption Program and in order to dine in our location, we will be requiring:
⁃ wearing a mask (already in place)
⁃ proof of Covid-19 vaccination (at least 1 dose) or;
⁃ proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid testwithin 72 hours of service (tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not allowed)
⁃ or; documentation of a medical exemption.

We will continue to provide a modified Rodizio service. All of our staff are fully vaccinated,and we appreciate your patience, support and cooperation.

We recommend and accept reservations.

Thank you for your understanding, we want to keep you and our staff safe! <3

Please check our menu HERE.
One type of service must be selected per party (either Rodizio or A la Carte).

August 8 2021

MINAS continues to serve a modified Rodizio - All you can Eat Service, we all aso offer A la Carte Menu!

We recommend and accept reservations only.
Our staff continues wearing a mask!
Thank you for your understanding, we want to keep you and our staff safe! <3

Please check our menu HERE.
One type of service must be selected per party (either Rodizio or A la Carte).

July 1 2021

MINAS is open for in-person dining!

We recommend and accept reservations only.
We strictly follow all AHS guidelines, Please wear your mask.
Thank you for your understanding, we want to keep you and our staff safe! <3

A modified Rodizio service is available at the moment! Please check our menu HERE.

April 2021

MINAS is currently closed for in-person dining!

HOWEVER OUR PATIO IS OPEN. :) ------> Until May 9th :(

We accept reservations only.
We strictly follow all AHS guidelines, Please wear your mask, stay at your table and maintain your distance from other household.
We reserve the right to ask for ID to cofirm everyone is from the same household.
Thank you for your understanting, we want to keep you and our staff safe! <3

Rodizio is not available at the moment!

Feb 2021.

It will be different, but you will be able to enjoy the same quality of food with us at our place again.

Let us first say THANK YOU for your continued support!
We are greatful that during this tryig times, you have allowed us to provide you with MINAS food and Brazil Connection by MINAS products and services as well.

We understand that some people are still concerned about going out, so our takeout and deliveries will continue. However, if we all work together, we are sure we can make the dine-in experience as enjoyable as possible! 

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, MINAS Brazilian Steakhouse has been following daily: news, public health recommendations, and the precautionary measures for re-opening. It is essential that once in-person dining starts, our team and customers are and stay safe. With this in mind, we have decided to make changes that may be inplace until further notice. We will take all the steps necessary to keep all of you and us safe.

To follow the Public Health guidelines:

We only accept reservations online, and through the phone (we are unable to guarantee a walk-in table. Email: reservations@minassteakhouse.com if you are unable to make a reservation online).
Answering a questionnaire is necessary prior to entering the restaurant.
A minimum of one person’s contact information is required.
We do not accept cash payments at the moment. All cards, gift cards, vouchers and Interac transfers are accepted.
Guest must wear masks to enter and until ready to eat their meal and should sanitize their hands at the entrance.
Our staff will wear personal protective items at all times.
Physical distance is required at all times, outside and inside the restaurant.
Only tables of maximum 6 people are allowed.
Tables/parties will be and will need to stay 6 feet apart (no changes to our restaurant’s layout are permitted).
We only have QR Code menus for guests to scan. Our menu and pricing is posted on our website: minassteakhouse.com.

 Our serving experience has changed:

At this moment, Rodizio self-serve option is not allowed.
However, we have a new system that allows us to offer the All-you-care-to-eat-option!
Rodizio pricing and menu is different than before please see our menu here.
A more extensive a la carte menu is still available.


Q: "Are the restrictions you will apply enough to keep people safe?"
 "We are following all measures that Public Health recommends. We are doing now what it is recommended to do at this time, but we will make changes as required."
Q: "How are you making sure your staff is safe?
 "First and foremost, we want everyone to feel safe at their workplace and have consulted with them before their comeback. Since March 2020, we implemented stricter rules and cleaning routines that will continue to be in place. Our team members continue to be evaluated daily and are required to report any of the common symptoms listed by Alberta Health Services, which also applies to their household. If any of our team members are feeling unwell (even if is not COVID-19 related), they are required to stay home. Quarantine and travel restrictions are also in place.
 "Are you going back to the same hours of operations?"
 "Our schedule will remain the same: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm. Seating time is a maximum of 2 hours; any changes will be reflected on our website."
 “How long will Rodizio take?”
 “Rodizio is served for a maximum of 1.5 hours, we will bring all items to the time as fast as possible.” 
 “How long will A la Carte menu items take?”
 “Timing required will be the same as in any other A la Carte restaurant.” 

We understand that the new service is very different from the last six years and we apologize if thethis is not what you expected. MINAS strives to provide the best service as possible given the circumstances, we will continue to follow all the rules tokeep everyone safe. We appreciate your patience, support and respect.If you have any comments,questions, suggestions or concerns, please contacts us via email: info@minassteakhouse.com  

We are excited to have you back here with us! :D

Tue - Sun 12-4 PM

Vegetarian Lunch
Tue - Sun 12-4 PM

Tue - Sun 4-8 PM

Vegetarian Dinner
Tue - Sun 4-8 PM

Children 0-3
Children 4-8
Children 9-12

Modified Rodizio at the moment


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